Machine learning enables voice experiences that we haven't imagined before.

We have developed advanced algorithms combining Machine Learning with DSP.

And the result is magical.

Mute Background Noise

During training our specially designed Deep Neural Network (krispNet) is fed with very large amount of distinct background noises and clean human voices. It optimizes itself to recognize what's background noise and separate it from human speech by leaving only the latter. During inerence krispNet acts on real time audio and removes background noise without noticable latency.

HD Voice

The same krispNet DNN, trained on hundreds of hours of customized data, , is able to predict higher frequencies of human voice and produce much richer voice audio than the original lower bitrate audio. krispNet-HD takes 8kHz sampled audio as input and returns 16kHz samples audio which sounds as if it were originally sampled with 16kHz.